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First Business Connects supplies and builds website systems for our Partners and Resellers. Our speciality is in data-driven websites and web marketing for Contact Management, Recruitment and HR. We package the techniques and capabilities used by leading practitioners into easy to use, efficient and cost effective Web Portal systems.

Latest News

Our Latest News & Developments

March 2020 SSL Bug (Let's Encrypt)
Worldwide security alert (all our sites tested and safe)

May 2019 Support Portal Updates
Our home-build Client Support Portal has evolved into our latest product

June 2018 Cookies and Compliance
We have even more options for managing cookies and data privacy requirements such as GDPR.

 Blog Posts

Some recent Blog Posts

30/01/20 Neurodiversity
Why some employers are making a big effort ...

24/11/19 How safe and secure is your website?
What are the main risks and how to avoid them ...

29/08/19 Older Workers
Why younger is not necessarily better. Advantages of older workers ...


Publicly Available Resources

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Website Standards & Browsers: An explanation of what is going on...

Responsive Website design: Pros and Cons of this approach...

Needs Analysis and Recruitment: A key technique for successful recruitment...
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All our products deliver efficiency and effectiveness from best practice.

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