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It was one of our founding principals and part of Our Approach (click link for details) to actively seek to work with others and partner where others can provide added-value. As part of this we work with selected organisations and market our products under either a Partner or Reseller basis to better access and serve clients. Indeed most of our business takes place through these indirect channels.

Reseller Partners

We operate and deliver most of our products and services through well established Reseller partnerships. Our Resellers are organisations with whom we have built trusted relationships. We supply our products and services for them to market to their clients under their name and branding and we provide them with ongoing technical support. Typically our Resellers are organisations with interests in HR, Staffing and Recruitment and whom wish a discrete and confidential agreement that allows them to market our products under their own branding.

Reseller Benefits

Our systems almost invariably deliver direct savings to an employer (or recruiter) and enable the recruitment operation to be conducted more efficiently and effectively. As the systems easily pay for themselves, Resellers can make good margins. However our systems also facilitate the provision of many added-value services that a Reseller operating in the HR and Recruitment space can take advantage of. Services such as; Needs, Analysis, Screening, Response Handling, Reference Checking, Vendor Management, Interview Support and On-boarding can all be managed by Resellers operating aspects of our systems on their clients behalf. Indeed the value of these services to the Reseller can be considerably more valuable than just the provision of a system.

If your business works in the HR Recruitment space and you are interested in marketing systems you can brand and promote whilst leaving the technical aspects to professionals who understand both systems and HR Recruitment, then click the button below and tick the "Reseller Enquiry" box on the Contact Form.

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All our products deliver efficiency and effectiveness from best practice.

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