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We have been involved with building custom bespoke jobboard systems since our early beginnings. Whilst we still do this, we now have a productised jobboard system and this has lowered significantly the cost of implementing and supporting many deployments.

In addition to specialised large jobboard systems we can now deliver a very cost effective jobboard platform suitable for the likes of: professional bodies, associations and other business groups. Indeed, this is where we see our prime market for such systems; allowing such bodies the facility to provide a localised jobboard that matches candidates to employers within their market. Such systems are very effective niche recruiting tools as they complement the facilities provided by typical business and professional organisations offering significant value to members and the host organisation alike.

Like our other systems the jobboard portal is branded to a clients own website look. The system is fully scalable and can grow to quite significant size, even handling millions of records if required. Likewise workflow and facilities are extensive and there are many configurable options available.

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The Jobboard system provides a fully featured and cost effective platform for a professional jobboard facility. It can be configured for use either for recruitment agencies looking to market a fully featured jobboard or for business and professional groups looking for facilities to support their members.

There are large number of configuration options available with this product set, Contact us to explore how we might help you with a jobboard application. Choose Jobboard in the Contact Form

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