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If you are a client or one of our Partners you have already had experience of how our systems and services increase your recruiting efficiency and effectiveness as captured in our e-squared proposition. We commit to our clients that they will have flexibility in being able to expand and develop our systems, as they require. The following add-ons are available for modest incremental cost and offer excellent value. They can be added to most system configurations and include:

  • Facebook app
  • Mobile Phone Sites
  • Internal Vacancy Management
  • Referral management
  • Job-Board Integration
  • Web Advertising
  • Agency Management & Integration
  • File Manager
  • Extra Content
  • Bulk (scheduled) Email

Yes, its not a typo, the cognoscenti spell it with a small f… We offer social network linking as standard in all product generations. However there has always been special interest in facebook. We have added a facebook app.

Integrated with your public Careers or Talent Portal site it displays your vacancies (or career opportunities) in your own “app” that can be freely distributed around facebook. In this way you get facebook coverage and free advertising from those who distribute and access your “app”.

Internal Vacancies
Many organisations at times seek to hire internally. Perhaps it’s a vacancy only open for existing staff or one that you are advertising for both internally and externally. The Internal Portal provides a separate set of pages designed for your internal staff. The Portal provides additional publishing options including the ability to Publish only Internally, to publish internally first or to allow both Internal and External applications. Applications from Internal Staff are flagged for identifying and reporting. If you have not yet got this module please ask for a demonstration.

Job-Board integration
Job Board usage and application varies enormously. With many jobboards you of course need no special integration to have applications directed to your Portal’s online application facility.


We can provide a 'linkout' facility that will work with most job-boards that provides the ability to direct applications to one of our recruitment systems. A key feature is that the facility will work with job-boards round the world allowing you to pick locally those that work best for you. A major advantage of this way of working is that candidates get better informed from being directed to your own portal site and are automatically included within the workflow. Speak to us about provision of a 'linkout' facility - directing your candidates to register online in your own portal is a real admin saver.

Web Advertising
Particularly popular overseas, Web Advertising sees your site directly attracting interest through e.g. Paid Google Search. It is the worlds biggest advertising market and offers highly targeted advertising on success based models. We can setup very cost effective campaigns using these models for your site. Call us to discuss.

Google Search SEO, SEM

File Manager
Previously only available to RMS deployments this module is now available for all systems as an option. The module equips your system with the ability to store and manage multiple files that you either generate or collect during the process of recruiting an applicant. When dealing with multiple files and ones that may be needed at different parts of the process it is important to be able to quickly see at a glance which files are already associated with a candidates application. The module provides additional facilities and allows for larger numbers of files to be stored and managed along with an application, as well as making file attachments stand out more strongly within a record.

Bulk (scheduled) Email
This facility has previously only been available for selected Resellers or as an optional feature for our Jobboard platform. However it is now available as an add-on service available to all.

The service allows emails to be selected by the workflow for scheduled sending at a particular time. Taking a Careers Portal as an example typically the workflow would e.g. send matching alert emails to candidates if particular vacancy opportunities matched predetermined system triggers. Its a very powerful facility and we can made very large email lists indeed.

The service uses completely separate servers so as not to affect the main online system.


Mobile Phone Sites
Mobile phones have come along way and Mobile Smartphones are increasingly now the norm. Additionally the usage of web apps on phones is increasing at a breathtaking pace. Whilst design of the Portal sites we supply is dictated by client site structure, branding etc. We are very successful at creating sites that render well across many devices. The issue with phones however, is the small size of screen and different input e.g. using a finger to tap rather than a mouse. In practical terms this means for users to be able to get a reasonable web experience on a phone you need to have them access a dedicated or specially designed mobile site. smartphones
We can supply an accompanying mobile site to your portal that will be automatically invoked when a smartphone accesses the site. Alternatively we can where design allows use a mobile optimised site that renders well across all devices. With more and more candidates using phones and being able to bookmark mobile sites, having a mobile addition to your recruitment system makes good sense.

We really like referrals. They are one of the secrets of effective recruiting. People in sales know that referrals offer one of the very best ways you can engage new prospects. It is the same in recruiting. Your employees and stakeholders know your organisation best of all and they know what sorts of people will work best there. More to the point, your employees will be naturally cautious of recommending people - after all they don't want any come back on their reputation from a bad hire. Experience shows, with the right processes and systems they recommend those whom they trust and whom they genuinely have a high regard in terms of competence and skills.

candidate referrals

The Referral module has several configurations but all have in common the ability to track a referral and to fast track applications. With good referral programmes tracking 30% + of all hires this is a module that has a great business case.

Agency Management and Integration
For clients who regularly deal with Recruitment Agencies, having the Agency Portal can be a real time saver and effective management tool. This portal allows very fine control over issuing vacancies to your agencies and ensures their candidates are directly integrated into the workflow for a single view of all applications.

A useful bonus: tracking Agency success allows you to better bargain terms and integration ensures you don’t accredit agencies for candidates you already have…

Extra Content
Last and by no means least consider your portals content. It does tend to get overlooked, however in our experience it makes a huge difference to effectiveness. Candidates want to be informed about prospective employers and they think highly of those employers who go to the trouble of providing portals with content. A well structured careers site (portal) can make a big difference by augmenting your corporate website, enabling you to provide appropriate content that can be easily refreshed or amended.

Fo those clients who wish to add content themselves we can enable sites with a highly functional yet easy to use content management add-on. This enables clients to immediate make changes to items without risk of causing major damage to the site. Please note however with our “Fair-Use” support model across most contracts, minor content changes will likely be free of charge anyway.

Efficiency and Effectiveness
All our products deliver efficiency and effectiveness from best practice.

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