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We first started delivering Contact Portals in 2012. It started as adjunct to our Recruitment Software business where some clients were struggling with the usual CRM systems and asked for our help. Back then, what they wanted was to easily capture enquires on their websites and manage leads. What started as a sideline is now a good part of our business and our deployments can now include CRM facilities and e-commerce as well as of course managing leads.

Our distinctive competence is in quickly and cost effectively producing solutions that exactly fit a clients needs, that includes the right workflow for them and with no extraneous clutter to get in the way. What we have learnt, is that whilst packaged CRM type systems provide many features, clients struggle to use them effectively with many features difficult to understand and just getting in the way.

Our approach is to suit the system to the client so that their staff can easily use it and do what they want to do with the minimum of fuss. We also use our web technologies to match the system exactly with the clients branding and look so that both staff and any prospects or customers using the system have a consistent brand experience.

Our Contact Portal deployments are all a bit different. But are built on the same frameworks and technologies we use in our recruitment systems.

If you are looking for a system that manages leads, prospects or customer records and makes a database of information available on the web the way you want it to get in touch. Choose Contact Portals in the Contact Form

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