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Good staff have in truth never been easy to find. The costs of candidate attraction can be substantial and it can be really frustrating to get to the end of the process and find the candidate has taken a role elsewhere or stayed put. Candidates want information and they want to work for organisations that they see value people and their contribution. This is where the Careers Portal or Jobs Website comes in. A professionally structured and maintained portal/website allows you to sell your organisation as an employer.

Promote your Organisation
The Careers Portal augments your corporate web presence and presents your employment offer directly to candidates. Good candidates will always check your web presence. What is there will have a bearing on their view of your organisation. The additional web presence the Portal provides can easily make the difference between applying or not as well as how attractive they see you as an employment opportunity.

Display your Content
We always try and get as much background information as possible when attending to a brief. The advantage of the Portal is that it is always there and allows candidates to absorb information as they need it. You have probably found with your main website that pretty pictures without useful content does not impress. Candidates are hungry for information both on your business and what you might be like as an employer. You can make sure they get it with the Portal.

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Setting expectations right upfront is basic good management practice and the Portal allows you to do this from first contact. Outline your recruitment process, your policies and give them a picture of what it is like to work in your business. Most organisations have lots of materials - they just don't use them. At least not on the corporate website. The Careers Portal with its integrated candidate and vacancy management tools can use this content and make it work for you 24x7.

Advertise your vacancies
Integrated into your portal is a system that allows you to control the advertising of your vacancies across multiple sites. You decide when and where to publish your vacancies, what to include and how to display. Landing pages for integrating with Job Boards can be included and social network linking is included as standard.

Reducing your Costs
The Careers Portal gives you independence from paid media. You can use more creative and lower cost methods of attraction such as social network integration, search advertising and integration with Talent Pools and Referral Systems. It also provides a focus for directing prospective candidates to your business.

Applications Management
The inbuilt Candidate Application Manager takes much of the effort out of administration when it comes to dealing with applications. Contact Forms, automatic emails, screening and shortlisting tools are all included. A particular benefit is having all applications held in a system – no more searching emails or worries about data compliance. Working with Recruitment Agencies is also cheaper and easier as their candidates can now be submitted direct into your process. The system separately identifies the source of each candidate application allowing you to manage your Agencies for much less effort.

Integration with your Corporate website(s)
A separate ancillary careers website is now the norm in large organisations. It facilitates update, control and ensures relevance of purpose i.e. candidate attraction and management. You already have a web brand and look - you don't need another for a Careers Website or Portal. Our technology partner will match the Careers Website to your corporate brand and integrate your content.

Delivery and Support
The Careers Portal is fully hosted in a high availability data-centre. You have 24/7 access to what will always be your data. You can search and manage applications and produce lists for management and for email. Any content updates you require are normally done as part of the service under a ‘fair use policy’. However if you wish you can optionally also be equipped with systems to allow you to add/amend your own content.

The Careers Portal does not need any special equipment, servers or software licenses as it is delivered direct (and securely) over the internet. There is also no tie in to any long-term contract.

These Portals can also be fully integrated into our full Recruitment Management System.

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