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First Business Connects is at its core a technology business with a focus on web-based systems. We specialise in Contact, Recruitment and HR systems. We deliver our systems principally through our Partners and Resellers, many of whom are Recruitment Outsource providers or Agencies. Our business started in the UK where we still maintain strong trading and partnership links. However First Business Connects Ltd is now very much focussed on Asia Pacific including Australia and New Zealand where we are now based.

Our business is successful through the interplay of technology and workflow experience and expertise. Put simply we know what works in when it comes to: contact, recruitment, talent and staffing systems. Through this we deliver systems that provide 'Efficient' and 'Effective' applications. We call this our e2 (e-squared) proposition. Our main products are shown in the sidebar menu on the right.

Our Proposition

We supply and build systems to help businesses gain efficiency and effectiveness. Both from their contact management and their recruitment activity. We think of this as efficiency multiplied by effectiveness, shortened to " e-squared" or simply "e2".

Through our e-squared proposition we remain focussed on providing technology and services that can demonstrably:

  • reduce the overall costs of a client's workflow processes
  • reduce the organisational and compliance risks inherent in managing website systems
  • reduce the time and effort clients spend on their processes
  • focus on the delivery of more effective outcomes.


We believe that there are four main pillars in our approach that help us in this delivery. See details on Our Approach and how we work here.

Efficiency and Effectiveness
All our products deliver efficiency and effectiveness from best practice.

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