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In its simplest form, an Employer Talent Pool (we call and brand them as Talent Portals) is an e-recruitment system that captures the profiles of job seekers in a database. HR and/or managers then use the Talent Pool system to search for potential candidates against target roles. As a role comes up managers can use tools within the Talent Pool system to match requirements to job seeker profiles and to then contact them. They thus have a head start in filling the vacancy quicker and at very low cost.

Talent Pools can be one of the most cost effective tools in recruiting for an employer. The key to making them most effective is designing and deploying them to pre-qualify job seekers. The First Business Connects Talent Portal system is built on the same configurable platform as that of our full RMS systems, using the same middleware tools for customisation and workflow. This ensures we can deploy a fully effective Talent Pool that matches client branding and brand proposition as well as the target role. It also facilities ease of upgrade or supply of additional modules as required.

Example Deployments

  • Referral Management
  • Temporary (bank) staffing
  • Intern recruitment and onboarding
  • Contractor management
  • Immigration
  • Jobboard Systems

Talent Portals are recommended for recruiting where there is an ongoing need for the same (or similar) roles. In deployment they benefit from being tightly targeted to particular roles as this increases their relevance to job seekers. This makes them useful in sitting alongside an existing recruitment systems if you have one. Alternatively, they can be configured to form the hub of a core online automated recruitment system and process.

Talent Portals are very flexible and can be deployed for managing any group of individuals where selecting, sifting , sorting and managing skills, competences and experience is required.

Contact us to explore the business case for Talent Portals and for a demonstration.

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