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People in sales know that referrals offer one of the very best ways you can engage new prospects. It is the same in recruiting. Your employees know your organisation best of all and they know what sorts of people will work best there. More to the point, your employees will be naturally wary of recommending people - after all they don't want any come back on their reputation from a bad hire. Experience shows with the right processes and systems they recommend those whom they trust and whom they genuinely have a high regard in terms of competence and skills for the job concerned.

Referrals one of the very cheapest ways you can recruit...

The quote on the left is from one of the world experts on Recruitment and Referrals, this guy has both done it and studied it. John believes that if you have a Referral programme that is not producing over 30% of your hires then something is wrong with how you are doing it. We broadly concur and as a result we created a specific a Referral Module that can be operated stand-alone or as part of a Recruitment Management or Talent Pool system.

"Unleash the potential within" - is a great soundbite but also very realisable for almost any organisation that needs to hire staff. We can talk you through how systems can help. However making Referrals work is by no means just a technology issue. In our experience whilst the technology is the catalyst and enabler. Process, practices and way you go about it is key to making them really effective. Whether it is technology or practice we can help your organisation - "unleash its potential".

We include Referrals as modules within our Recruitment Management Systems, Career Portals and Talent Portals.

Our implementations will typically include a high services element to ensure that you are making the most of the system and your Referral potential - including making the expected savings.

"Employee referral programs are the most powerful corporate recruiting tool, bar none. They can produce a high volume of quality hires who have been statistically proven to have lower rates of attrition."

Dr John Sullivan - former Chief Talent Officer Agilent Technologies

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