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Our proposition is firmly built on delivering efficiency and effectiveness for our clients. We express this as "e2" in the logo representing the multiple of efficiency x effectiveness, or e-squared.

We have 4 aspects to Our Approach that inform how we work and how we see us adding value. They are: Technological, Virtual, Cooperative and Discretion and are shown below. Click on topic bars to see more.

  • Technological

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    Using the latest and most advanced industry technologies and techniques in our work as a Technology Services provider of: Websites, Recruitment Systems and Contact Portals. We invest and develop in systems and tools that can deliver more efficient and effective systems and services for our Partners, Resellers and Clients. We ensure we can quickly deploy systems within their their businesses and ensure they can be configured to work to our clients exact needs.

  • Virtual

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    We use technology and process infrastructure that allows us to; work flexibly, work where we need to be and to take advantage of lower costs and scalability. This extends to our tapping into specialist resources and expertise across the world and integrating them into our product development and operations.

    Likewise the systems we develop are ones that can be deployed quickly and integrate with a clients current operations and work practices. We use an SaaS approach so our clients can access technology cost effectively, when and where they need it.

  • Cooperative

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    As a founding principal we actively seek to work with others and work with Partners and Resellers to provide added-value to clients. Through this, we stay focussed on where we add value, become more efficient, open to new ideas and ways of working and deliver more for our clients. As an example; in our Web Services business we take pains to ensure we monitor new trends. We have as part of our network access to organisations who provide niche services in specialist complementary technical areas such as graphics design, viral marketing campaigns and online reputation management.

  • Discretion

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    Most of our business goes through our Partners and Resellers. We know they highly value their privacy; both in terms of ensuring that their data remains secure and also that they are able to present a single face to their clients. They essentially 'white-label' our products or use them to deliver their own service to their clients.

    We thus respect their privacy. We take great care to support their branding and their single face to their clients with a discrete behind the scenes service. At a product level we also support this by ensuring all systems are supplied on their own standalone "data instance" with e.g. no shared tables as is common with most other SaaS type applications.

    Being trusted by our Partners to respect their privacy and confidentiality is a key part of our approach and value. Our procedures, processes and even products are all geared to support this.

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Efficiency and Effectiveness
All our products deliver efficiency and effectiveness from best practice.

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