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Yes, its not a typo, the cognoscenti spell it with a small f… We offer social network linking as standard in all product generations. However there has always been special interest in facebook. We have added a facebook app.

Integrated with your public Careers or Talent Portal site it displays your vacancies (or career opportunities) in your own “app” that can be freely distributed around facebook. In this way you get facebook coverage and free advertising from those who distribute and access your “app”.

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Social Network Linking
We can equip all our publicly available systems with social network linking. Simply put, this enables visitors to quickly and easily share the links to the system/site with their contacts.

Its essentially a free-lunch in terms of promotion as your site gets promoted by a visitor using their own network. Its especially effective on Careers and Talent Portal sites as candidates can share vacancies with their friends widening your reach - and at no cost...

Note you do not need a corporate facebook or Linkedin page to take advantage of this facility.

Mobile Phone Sites
Mobile phones have come along way and Mobile Smartphones are increasingly now the norm. Additionally the usage of web apps on phones is increasing at a breathtaking pace. Whilst design of the Portal sites we supply is dictated by client site structure, branding etc. We are very successful at creating sites that render well across many devices. The issue with phones however, is the small size of screen and different input e.g. using a finger to tap rather than a mouse. In practical terms this means for users to be able to get a reasonable web experience on a phone you need to have them access a dedicated or specially designed mobile site. We can produce sites based on the most up-to-date frameworks that perform exceptionally well across all devices.

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Efficiency and Effectiveness
All our products deliver efficiency and effectiveness from best practice.

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