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New Zealand Privacy Act 2020

We have a new - New Zealand Privacy Act - coming in on 1st December 2020. It replaces and updates the current one, created in 1993, and brings New Zealand more up to date.  We examine the main changes.  

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How safe and secure is your Website?

A post on some of the risks that have been highlighted recently around website security.  We have focussed in of three of the main risks and more importantly include some advice on what you can practically do about them.

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Why you should move your database apps to the cloud

In this post we will look at why we think you should consider the Cloud for all (or at least much of) your database app needs. We will also look at creating your own dedicated database applications in the Cloud or using Cloud-based database apps.

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Data Security

There has been several articles and news items about data leaks in the couple of months. So this is very topical area. In this post we specifically look at HR data breaches.

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