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The blog contains our opinions and views as well as, where identified, those of others. The content is job market, recruitment and recruitment-technology centric - reflecting our business. We hope you will find it informative and some items even entertaining. It is provided under our published corporate Terms of Use and does not constitute professional advice. Note: content may also be syndicated to other websites, with our Approved Partners free to use and repurpose content as they see fit.

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COVID-19 and Employment

It's been a very uncertain time with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Unprecedented - at least in modern times.  Many are worried about what the future may hold.  Not least what the possible effects may be on employment. This post looks at employment (and unemployment) trends in some of our key markets:  USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand during the midst of COVID-19.

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Older Workers

In this post we examine why younger may not be better.  Or at the very least, why it may be incorrect to assume that older workers wont perform just as well.  We will look at some examples and research and why you might just find; that there are a lot of advantages to both hiring and keeping older workers in your organisation.

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Do you actually need employees anyway?

It may seem a strange question to ask.  But these days, with recent changes in work and in the workplace, perhaps it's not as strange a question as it may at first appear. This post is about thinking another alternative to employees. Here, we are looking at the "Gig Economy" or "Freelancing".

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Google for Jobs

Google launched its new platform for Job seekers in May last year at the i/O conference for Developers.  Called 'Google for Jobs', it's a really interesting development and we think it will - over time -  have a really big impact on the recruitment market.  However, whilst we have some clients that know about it, the launch and its' possible impact seems to have passed most by.  This post we hope will give it wider attention.

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Generation Z

It's that time of year when it's either good to look back or better to look to the future.  What with Brexit, Trump and the EU troubles in 2016 we have taken the - somewhat - safer topic of looking at the coming generation: Generation Z.

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What is going on?  What will it all mean? Does it mean imminent collapse for the UK? “An EUpocalypse for Europe” – no hint of hysteria there…?! (not our comment by the way).

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Generation Y - The Millennials

An overview on this much talked about generation from a workplace and employment perspective.   This is an important group and there are lots of perceptions real and imagined out there.  

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Digital Skills - Mind the Gap

This post looks at digital skills and what we are seeing in our markets reflecting the research materials which we have ready access to as well as our anecdotal experience. 

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View of 2015

A view of 2015 (from one of the team anyway).  Includes:  Talent shortages,  Retention, Employer Branding, Quality not Quantity and Mobile as topic areas.

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