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Another post on candidate Selection methods. Even a brief internet search reveals most interviewing is not done well. We discuss the issues and what you can do to make it work better for your business.

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In this post we are going to discuss "Neurodiversity". Its thought that 1 in 7 people in the UK are in this overall group that are referred to broadly, as Neurodivergent. That is a lot of people. And, it's a group many employers overlook.  However some (dare we suggest) 'smart employers' - are actively seeking out people in this group.

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Selection - Hidden Bias

Most of HR professionals are keen to get a diverse and multi-cultural workforce. However, is this really working in your organisation?  We suggest that in too many cases it might not be.  See here, for some tips and ideas on how to ensure that you, and your managers, are not discriminating without meaning to.  

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Application Forms

We have talked about this previously.  However, we felt it was worth having a refresher. This post is dedicated to looking at the application form; how its used, why you need one, what works, what doesn't etc....

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The Dark Triad: Narcissim, Psychopathy, Machivellianism

A post about 3 of the more problematic traits you probably don't want in your candidates - the "Dark Triad".  Employees with these traits can cause havoc within an organisation, so it's an important topics for HR and recruiters. 

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Sounding Smart

This post is about how people come across and get understood and considered when they use their voice or spoken communication versus the written word.  This provides some interesting perspectives for recruitment as you will see.

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The Cost of A Bad Hire

A great infographic that outlines some fascinating statistics from surveys in the US on why it really is worth getting your recruitment right. 

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Building your attractiveness as an employer

Every employer wants to be an ‘employer of choice’ but not many really feel they have got there.  There are a lot of things to consider, but within this post we have distilled down some key bite sized factors to help you.

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