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April Fools Day

Another round up of the best April Fools gags and pranks that we have had reported to us.  We normally add a more practical and serious side as well as celebrating the fun of the day.   However there is enough scary stuff going on right now regarding Fake News, so we have ended up keeping this post all light hearted.  

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April Fool

A follow-up post to our one on ‘April Fool at Work’ last year but with more around the implications of April Fools pranks within the workplace.  Includes some suggestions for HR and  of course some choice examples.

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April Fool at Work

Its that time of the year again.  This year been some interesting content from companies and employers looking to give people a laugh.  We showcase some 2015 April Fool workplace related examples that we have had advance sight of here. Hopefully more will come to light on the day.

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